wallpaper for the kitchen

How to choose wallpaper for the kitchen?

Wallpapers are one of the simplest ways for a spectacular interior makeover. The market offers wallpapers in every pattern and shade: from classics fashionable in every season, through geometric shapes to floral patterns. The choice of wallpaper for the kitchen should be preceded by checking which of them will work best in such a room. What to look for when choosing the right wallpaper grade? Which will be the most resistant?

Vinyl kitchen wallpapers

wallpaper for the kitchenWallpaper in the kitchen is an increasingly popular alternative to tiles. The stores include vinyl wallpaper. They are distinguished by a layered structure, thanks to which they are resistant to moisture, detergents and different temperatures. Thanks to the top layer of vinyl (depending on the type: flat or foamed), dirt and greasy stains can be washed successfully without worrying about damage or detachment of the wallpaper. Flat vinyl will be thin and resistant to any scratches, while foamed foam will perfectly mask uneven walls.

Fiberglass wallpapers

Fiberglass is more and more often chosen due to its resistance to moisture, water and temperature. This is a good, durable way to hide unevenness of the ground, but before laying it, let’s carefully think about whether this is our final choice: the wallpaper is difficult to remove (it can come off with plaster). Introducing this solution to the kitchen we will get an interesting accent, we can also focus on a strong color or a distinctive pattern.

Non-woven wallpapers

Wallpapers glued with a non-woven layer are easy to apply – the adhesive is applied only to the surface on which we want to lay it. Thanks to non-woven fabric, kitchen wallpapers do not stretch, shrink, you do not have to wait for them to soften. Another advantage of such a solution is covering unevenness and even small cracks on the walls and ceilings. After resigning from the wallpaper, you will successfully break it without soaking, and there should be no trace on the wall.

Give the kitchen an original character

After choosing the right type of wallpaper, think about what pattern will best match the interior design. The choice in stores is huge, so it’s worth thinking about what effect we care about. An undoubted plus of wallpapers is the ability to easily change them, so we can feel free to let your imagination run wild. This season, the stores will find floral motifs, geometric abstraction and images of dishes, fruit, steaming cups of coffee and tea encouraging to cook. Depending on your taste, we can put on flat or embossed wallpapers, and even those that will look like intricately laid tiles.