A modern way to improve your appearance

A modern way to improve your appearance. Almost all of us want to present ourselves well. Nowadays, thanks to advances in medicine and modern technologies, we can improve our appearance in a safe and effective way. If a beauty defect bothers us, we should consider whether it is not worth going to an aesthetic medicine office. Many people who used various beauty treatments got rid of their complexes and now enjoy a beautiful appearance.

The beginnings of aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine is a term that has gained immense popularity in recent years. The father of this field of medicine is a French endocrinologist named Legranda, who founded the world’s first Society of Aesthetic Medicine in the early 1970s. In Poland, 20 years later, modern methods of improving the appearance began to gain more and more interest. Since then, there has been a huge progress, and the treatments affect almost every part of our body. On the Internet and on television, we can watch amazing metamorphoses of people who turned themselves over to aesthetic medicine doctors. Currently, in almost every major city in our country, we can find at least one beauty salon where beauty defects are removed.

Aesthetic medicine treatments for various problems

The aim of aesthetic medicine is to improve the appearance and eliminate beauty defects in a minimally invasive and safe way. Treatments may only be performed by a licensed doctor. They are usually much more effective than treatments offered in beauty salons because they work on deeper parts of the skin and are carried out with the use of specialized equipment. Aesthetic medicine can help in many aspects related to physical attractiveness, and thus allows you to increase self-confidence and get rid of complexes about your appearance. Although the spectrum of treatments available today is enormously wide and is growing every year, some of them are particularly popular among patients. They include:

– filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid,

– smoothing the face with botox,

– laser removal of scars, discolorations and birthmarks,

– laser removal of stretch marks,

– treatment of hyperhidrosis,

– laser closure of broken blood vessels,

– lip modeling,

– mesotherapy to prevent skin aging and hair loss.

Aesthetic medicine vs cosmetology and surgery

It can be said that aesthetic medicine perfectly bridged the gap between ordinary cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery. In aesthetic medicine clinics, lasers, chemicals, light and ultrasound waves are used, among others. Cosmetology offers treatments that work only superficially and cannot help with many appearance problems. In contrast, plastic surgery often requires general anesthesia, the use of a scalpel, and then a long stay in the hospital. In many cases, such a load is not necessary. Then it is better to take advantage of the benefits of aesthetic medicine. Although it works on the deep layers of the skin and is able to remove or significantly reduce beauty defects, it is not highly invasive and allows you to return to your daily activities almost immediately.

The procedures usually involve local anesthesia, for example with an anesthetic cream. Sometimes after the procedure, there may be small wounds, scabs or scars, which usually heal quickly and are easily covered with makeup. There are, however, such flaws in appearance that cannot be eliminated with the methods used in aesthetic medicine. These include, for example, nose correction and breast augmentation. Then the only solution is surgery. In general, however, an aesthetic medicine office is the best place to direct your steps when you want to improve something in your appearance.

How to choose a good aesthetic medicine office?

Although aesthetic medicine treatments are minimally invasive, you should not risk your appearance or health and choose a specialist who will provide us with professional services. Before deciding to undergo a procedure in a particular clinic, verify the competence of the doctor who is to perform it. It is worth finding out if he has completed medical studies, training or any certificates. A doctor with knowledge and experience will do the best job. Its main goal should not be to sell the service, but most of all to benefit the patient. Therefore, during the conversation, a skilled specialist will advise you on the best treatment in your specific case, inform about its course and any contraindications. Sometimes it may even refuse to use a particular method if it determines that there is a risk of it adversely affecting us.

It is also worth making sure that the equipment used in a given clinic is modern, good quality and sterile. It is good when the devices and preparations used by the doctor come from reputable, recognized manufacturers. When we choose a specific procedure, we can ask the doctor if he has performed it before and with what result. Many surgeries publish photos of patients before and after using their services on their websites. When we look at the effects, it will be easier for us to decide whether we want to undergo a given treatment.